Buyer Beware

Exact Remodeling is the best choice for your home improvement needs. With times being what they are its even more important to make sure every dollar you spend actually goes toward remodeling, and not towards advertising on television, radio, grand showrooms and large displays at home improvement shows.

At Exact, we keep our overhead low, and the savings are passed on to you, the home-owner. We concentrate our resources on developing strong relationships with our past and present customers. Going against the norm, we skip the large home improvement shows and instead personalize our services to each individual project.

When searching for a contractor, be sure to base your decision on the quality of service and craftsmanship that previous customers have received, and not on a slick sales pitch at a home improvement show. On average Exact Remodeling customers saved 10-15% over our competitors. Call Exact if your dollars are better spent on your remodeling project than on home improvement show displays.

Questions to ask your prospective contractor.

  1. Are you a licensed contractor?
  2. How long has the contractor been in business?
  3. Request a list of references for you to view and verify previous work. (see list of questions to ask the contractors references below)
  4. How have you handled past customer complaints? (to determine how the contractor handles complaints, not to concentrate on any specific problems)
  5. How many years of experience does each installation specialists have?
  6. Do you offer a warranty on workmanship as well as materials?

Questions to ask a contractor’s references:


  1. Was the contractor readily available during the project?
  2. Are you pleased with the quality of the contractor’s work?
  3. Are you satisfied with the contractor’s business practices?
  4. Was the project started on time?
  5. Was the project completed on schedule?
  6. Would you use this contractor again without hesitation?